Life lessons on survival, adaptation and thinking on the feet are best taught in nature’s classroom.

Our programs present students with realistic challenges within safe and fun environments. The exhilaration of running whitewater rapids, reaching the summit after a picturesque hike, or climbing to the top of a rock face for the first time develops courage and self-awareness. Working as a team and making decisions as a group cultivates flexibility, compassion, and community.

The lasting positive influences from our adventures empower students to confront and overcome future challenges. Most importantly, these adventures are designed to expand your students’ horizons within a non-competitive, small group environment in which each member will be a valued and important part of the group.

Our activities encourage school and college students to learn through experience. Facilitators kindle their natural curiosity. What’s more, our green locations are equipped to meet food, safety and other essential needs. Drop in with the students. Introduce them to the joys of a green classroom. Next time you plan an outing for student, cut the trust falls and get one of these awesome ideas on the calendar instead.

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