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Children are bogged down by a number of things nowadays. Childhood no longer remains the carefree days when children indulged in exploration and enjoyment. Studies, tuitions, coaching classes, competitions and expectations have made children’s lives stressful and taken away essential time that they could otherwise have used in play, games and interests of their own. Let’s give them a chance to have fun and learn, develop essential life skills and enjoy themselves with the variety of activities at CS Grand. We offer hands-on learning activities that supplement school education for a well-developed personality.


We teach children how to do things and how to behave in situations but the real skill is to teach them to think for themselves. Equipping them with the ability to think and make decisions individually is a genuine skill.

Quick Decision Making

Decisions must be made in a time-bound manner otherwise it loses its effectiveness. Competitive activities teach children to make smart decisions in a short span of time. This urges them to weigh pros and cons and make quick and correct decisions.

Conquering Stage Fright

Fears keep us from discovering our true potential. Many children are afraid to be in the limelight due to their many fears. Our activities give them a chance to showcase their talents subtly and effectively so that they develop the courage to slowly conquer their fears.

Leadership Capacity

Leaders are not born; they are made. If children are interested to nurture their talents and lead people, their potential needs to be driven and fully supported.

Team Work

Working in a team and interacting with group member productively is an invaluable skill that will be useful at every stage in life. The earlier a child master’s this skill, the better it is.


Being social is not natural to all kids. Impulsive and hyperactive children often act in ways that stymie their strong desire for friendship. Activities help guide children and allow them to acquire sufficient social skills.

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