Safety and Security

With a number of activities and amenities, keeping our guests safe and providing the necessary safety provisions is our prerogative. Our facility has strict security measures whether or not guests are participating in adventure sports.

For maximum safety, we encourage each and every guest to be smart and focused while performing tasks. Listen to instructions and follow them to ensure a joyous ride and refrain from unnecessary risk-taking.

Here are a few important points:

  • We have qualified and courteous trainers who excel at their jobs. Do not perform activities in their absence.
  • Safety harnesses and equipment must be worn while performing activities that require them without exception.
  • If any guest finds that the safety provision is not up to the mark or if he or she is uncomfortable, we would like you to report it immediately to the concerned personnel.
  • Not all activities are suitable for young children. Age restrictions must be adhered to and children must always be supervised.
  • Participants must follow instructions to avoid injuries to themselves and others.
  • We have first aid and medical facilities in case of emergencies.
  • Each activity may have its own rules and regulations. Guests are required to adhere to that.
  • Time restrictions, crowd restrictions, height and weight requirements and other guidelines are for your safety and guests are encouraged to follow them.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that do not obstruct you while doing activities.
  • Ensure that you drink plenty of water as dehydration can easily occur during physical activities.
  • Make sure that you enjoy yourselves to the maximum.

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