What's Inside

All kinds of cool obstacles
up high in the sky!

Way, way up above your head, there’s an obstacle course where we throw everything at you. log ladders, ziplines, cargo nets, rope swings, tightropes, swinging logs, wobbly bridges. Dozens of suspended surprises are up there, becoming more challenging the higher you get. But stick with it, you’ll learn as you go.
  • Will raise your heart rate significantly
  • Your upper body strength will improve
  • Handle the work and social situations better
  • 01Parallel bars
  • 02Parallel climb
  • 03Kitten crawl
  • 04Hooya logs
  • 05Parallel walk
  • 06Tyre swing
  • 07Dirty name
  • 08Weaver
  • 09Vaults
  • 10Tyre cross
  • 11Cargo net cross
  • 12Low wall
  • 13High wall
  • 14Reverse vaults
  • 15Tunnel cross
  • 16Transfer cross
  • 17figner walk
  • 18Foot loos

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