What's Inside

Got daredevil kids? Let them reach new heights with fun activities!

This is a great way for children to be active, have fun, learn new skills and improve their strength, coordination and agility. There is also evidence that outdoor activities improve the outcomes for young people at risk of disengagement or anti-social behaviour.
  • Encourages planning
  • Improves co-ordination
  • Better communication
  • 01Island hop
  • 02Post person walk
  • 03Black & white
  • 04Vaults
  • 05Tyre cross
  • 06Burma bridge
  • 07Verticle capsule
  • 08Roll's pad
  • 09Earthquake
  • 10Zig zig
  • 11Bamboo cross
  • 12Island bridge
  • 13Cross over bridge
  • 14Swing tunnel
  • 15Cargo climbing
  • 16Wincey bridge
  • 17Tree house
  • 18Zip line

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