What's Inside

Head for heights?
Go for the High Ropes!

Standing 20 feet off the ground, you swallow the lump in your throat with a hint of apprehension. All you can hear is the pounding of your heart. There is a range of elements at different heights so the challenge level can be increased or varied through the session.
  • Strengthen self-confidence and problem solving skills
  • Increase ability to control their surroundings
  • Testing balance and unity of the mind and body
  • 01Cargo net climbing
  • 02Double post person walks
  • 03Bamboo ladder walk
  • 04Burma bridge
  • 05Postperson walk
  • 06Island walk
  • 07Vertical walk
  • 08Burma bucket
  • 09Wine travel
  • 10Fence crossing
  • 11Island bridge
  • 12Tumba
  • 13EB GB
  • 14Cargo swing bed
  • 15Tyre swing
  • 16Zip line
  • 17Palm vaults
  • 18Triangle split

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