We recommend that you book in advance so we can prepare for your arrival and you don’t have to wait in long lines.

Sportswear is best. Socks and shoes, tracks, shorts, t shirts and casual cotton clothing are ideal. Women can also wear salwar kameez but saree is best avoided. It is also advisable to remove loose footwear, jewellery and valuables before performing activities.

With safety being the highest priority, we have only picked the best and most qualified trainers to guide you in activities.

CS Grand has ample accommodation options such as dormitories and tents that can accommodate large groups comfortably. We expect tree houses and cottages to be ready soon as well, so keep a look out for these.

If you are coming as part of a school trip, college trip or corporate training, you can choose our day program or go for the residential program. The choice lies with you.

We have a multi-cuisine restaurant serving delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and snacks. Our food quality, service and staff are on par with the best restaurants around. Do let us know if you have specific requests.

Our trainers are adept at providing first aid and immediate care to participants. We also have basic medical facilities in case any of our guests need attention. We can arrange professional medical care and ambulances in the event of critical emergencies.

As a member, you will have multiple entry privileges to the park. You, your spouse and children will be the immediate benefactors of all our facilities. You will receive the latest deals and amazing discounts on a number of amenities and a chance to celebrate many events at CS Grand.

To get complete information, please contact our main office. Our staff will be happy to assist you. Email: adventure@csgrand.in Phone: +91 9367121160