What's Inside

Fun & dirty never to be forgotten!

All the challenges focus on team issues such as teamwork, leadership, group decision making, communication, time awareness, initiative & problem solving. Humans who aren’t always gung-ho about heights, because everyone needs somewhere to let their fear out to play.
  • Improve survival skills
  • Feel safe, fun and inspiring
  • Observe your strength and ability
  • 01Barrel move
  • 02Rolls
  • 03Cubes
  • 04Swinging log
  • 05Mango cut
  • 06Mushroom hop
  • 07Snake twist
  • 08Swinging bridge
  • 09Bucket swing
  • 10Tyre bump
  • 11Water walk
  • 12Roller pads
  • 13Kite
  • 14Cargo tyre
  • 15Zig zag
  • 16Monkey cross
  • 17Fence cross
  • 18Tyre jump

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